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This recipe was what I was looking for, thank you sooo much for sharing! I made them for a Christmas party and they were a big hit!!! They have a delicate flavor of almonds but not too sweet, just right.   Happy Holidays,   Nanassweets
Hi Mimifix, Thanks for sharing this recipe. I will try it for the holiday so if it is the one I'm looking for, I'll have lots of company to help me eat them! I'm afraid if I make them when I'm alone, well I might eat the whole pan, they are just that good!!! Thanks again and Happy Holidays! Nana
Hello Baking Community,   I went to a Lithuanian Funeral and one of the desserts was a diamond shaped shortbread cookie with an almond slice on top. They were baked in a 13 X 9 pan then cut into diamond shapes and served from the pan. They were so amazingly delicious!! If anyone knows of this dessert/cookie recipe PLEASE share. Thanks Nana
I forgot to mention that all the Plumbers paperwork was in order and he came recommended, something huh? I see this on the news how licensed contractors take off after getting the money. I did my due diligence and it still didn't work, but it will all work out and everything will be.
Hi All,I am in the process of opening my shop and designed the layer out on paper after careful thought of my working process. I want to add that gliches come up and not to panic. I carefully planned my finances and purchases AND STILL I had gliches!!! My loan was based on equipment prices, fees, construction cost etc. After receiving my loan things fell apart, the equipment didn't go as scheduled, the Plumber ran off with my deposit, (now I have to take legal action,...
Hi, If your business is going well maybe invest in a fridge/freezer just for your business. Have you thought about freezing your cupcakes then filling your order with these? By the time you deliver them they will be thawed. I'm learning that the bakery items freeze well and seem to taste better when thawed. Every ingredient on your list can be frozen. If your finances don't permit a fridge/freezer now then freeze some and refrigerate some. How these tips help, God Bless!
I've never heard of the controversy of adding dry first or last, but I did see America Kitchen add the dry last because of gluten affect if batter is beaten too long. I used to do this (beat batter until all lumps were gone and batter was smooth) but my cakes were super heavy, now they are light and taste better. According to my personel experiences I will add the flour last , sift always and do the final mixing by hand leaving lumps, this makes a much better cake. As for...
Scratch cakes are heavier than box cakes BUT taste soooo much better. My scratch cakes were labeled as "too heavy" and hard by my son, but I started using a light silver pan which took care of the hardness of my cakes and I sometimes add baking powder to the mix which helps with the heavyness. I have found out adding 1 tsp baking powder to 2 cup flour. I also now sift my flour ALWAYS with the other dry ingredients and now fold in the flour mixture last and finish mixing by...
I'm trying to find a recipe for a bunt mounds cake with the coconut filling inside the cake. If anyone has this recipe please share it. Thanks
Does anyone have a DELICIOUS oatmeal cookie recipe? I've tried on- the -box recipes and they taste LIKE THE BOX - uck! If no new recipe maybe some pointers on improving what I have? Thanks.
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