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I need to invest in her dvds, I have read so many good comments on them.
A really hot knife and patience. It also helps if the cake pan you use has sharp corners.
Very, very interesting
With americolor being so concentrated, you don't need a lot. The gels have more of a taste than the liquid food coloring.
Oh, okay.
As said in previous post it could be a number of things. As long as everything is finalized when payment is received and she understands it's final, you should be alright.
Why wouldn't you bake like you normally do since you could possibly have new clients from this wedding?
It looks like they used the moonstone luster, which is darker than regular silver.
My mother has been making the 1234 cake on either the Swans Down or Softasilk box since we were kids and never had a problem. I truthfully never knew there were many variations until today.
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