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Thanks for the replies. These are all very helpful. I believe I am going to try the last suggestion using the Creme Bouquet just so I can try Creme Bouquet.
Hi, does anyone has a recipe they recommend for french vanilla cake? It can be box or scratch. I have looked on the forum and in the recipe section but didn't find anything. It has been awhile since I have been on the site so I may just be rusty at searching. Thanks.
I don't think these are unreasonable questions at all. These are all questions most brides ask, especially budget conscious brides. I commend her for doing her homework and making sure she has everything in order. Not everyone knows the cake business like we do. I have no clue about ordering a bridal gown so I will have plenty of questions when the time comes. I think the above poster's response will work great and also help ease the bride's nerves about this portion...
Here is my new favorite buttercream...and yes it has no liquid and is just fabulous!!! Hope it works for you...1 stick unsalted butter at room temp1 cup Crisco1/2 tsp each butter flavor, vanilla flavor and almond extract1/2 bag of premium powder sugar1/2 tsp meringue powder (i didn't use)Cream butter and crisco until smooth, add flavorings, add powdered sugar one cup at a time. I was hesitant when I saw there was no liquid but instantly fell in love with this recipe. It...
Post scales have a "tare" button. This will zero out your scale once you put the bowl on it and will only weigh what is in the bowl. Took me some time to realize this and now I love it. Makes it sooo much easier. No math involved.
I agree with Silverdragon. If you can't provide enough cake for 250 then you shouldn't invite 250. I would be really honked off if I didn't cake. I can buy you a gift and you can't even give me cake. Really?
When I say this I do not mean to sound rude, however, you chose to make that cake for a carry-in. It was not requested. Everyone else brought items to share. Did you get a bite of every single dish there? I am sure everyone else felt they put a lot of work or time into making something nice for the party as well. I know making a cake is time consuming and expensive. But we do it because we love it. I have taken cakes and cupcakes to work carry-ins and they haven't...
I use all the same ingredients, however,I don't measure when I'm making buttercream for my sugar cookies. I would guess this is similar to what I finish with. I just stop when my texture and taste are where I want them. I have no problem working with it and having it crust enough where they can be stacked to packaging. Just give it a try. Good luck.
It sounds like you need more flour. I always use all butter in my sugar cookie recipe and never have them spread. I think with the amount of butter and eggs you need more flour than the recipe is calling for...but just a bit...until it looks right. Like Indy said.
I saw this cake earlier today when I was looking at your photos. I LOVE this cake. My old college roommate absolutely loves anything cow so I automatically notice things with a cow pattern. Your work is flawless and I also like the "less is more" theory. Great work.
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