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I'm flying from Denver to Cleveland to make my nephews first birthday cake and I have to take a lot of my stuff with me. I know I'll have to check most of it, but I'm worried about the modeling chocolate figures I need to take with me. I want to carry them on but I'm not sure how that'll work with security. They're going to be all modeling chocolate with a few toothpicks to hold things together. I would just be crushed if I wasn't allowed to bring them. And I don't want...
I want to make sugar veil tulle and I bought make your own mold putty. I know how to make a lace mold but that isn't exactly what I want. I need the "holes" in the mold like you get when you use a sugar veil mat. Any suggestions?
I've volunteered to demonstrate cake decorating at my daughters school but I'm not exactly sure what to do. I'll have about 7 different groups with 6 to 9 kids in each group. We'll only have 30 minutes so I'm a little stuck on what to do. I was thinking flowers or letting them just play with the fondant and decorating a dummy cake. I'm just not sure what can be accomplished with 7 different kids in 30 minutes. Any suggestions? TIA!
I've found Dallas Foam to be the cheapest.
I'm in a hotel room getting ready for bed and going to the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show in the morning. So excited!!!
Hope this helps.
It's the hatbox cake in my pics. I'll post pics of what it looks like now when I have a second.
I live in Colorado so no humidity and it was in the AC all summer.
I made a dummy cake in late Janurary and now my fondant is getting weird. I used crisco to get my fondant to stick. It looks like the crisco seeped through. Has this happened to anyone else? This was my first blue ribbon cake and I'm super sad
I did this for my friends wedding. The Dr. wrote the gender in an envelope and my friend gave it to me. I was the only person to know for a whole week. It was so fun to watch them cut the cake. But I felt more pressure to make my cake perfect though. It was a boy and I made a blue velvet cake with blue cream cheese filling. It was a hit!
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