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Thank you, but i am wondering mostly on HOW to get the blueish... colour.. What colours to use.
Hmm small problem posting the...
I need desperate help on this colour, on the Wanda orchid. Please help
Satin ice. Is my favorit. If i make myself, then this one. Its inorwegian, but i think youll understand moet of it.
If u use Sugarflaire extra black colour. And sugarpaste with a bit cmc. It works realy fine. Leave it overnight rapt in plastic. When its set overnight it turns out realy black. I make my sugarpast myself. And put the colour in the wet. luck
The cutest :
Hei.I know what u mean. I remember i had the same confusions.Gum paste/ flower paste: to make flowersmodelingpaste: Use to modellsugarpaste/fondant: To cower cakes. This is an fantastic recepy. Ask if you do not understand God luck.
My friend made this video in Norwegian. It is realy good.
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