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The luster and pearl dusts by Crystal Colors are FDA food safe.  I use these all the time on fondant pieces that are meant to be eaten (like on top of cupcakes, etc.) and add other petal dusts to change up colors as needed or for darker hues.  You can also add the dusts to bits of vodka or other clear alcohol to create edible shimmer paints for highlighting or painting fondant accent pieces. HTH
Letting the fondant sit is the key.  I have these cutters and that is what I figured out and now they are easy to use.  
I don't know if this will help you but I will tell you what I do.  I purchased some pearlized dusts made by Crystal Colors.  These are 100% FDA food safe. I mix a bit of this with a small amount  confectioner's sugar and dust it on the fondant with a food safe brush.  It leaves a shimmery surface to the fondant without being over the top.  To change up or darken colors I add a bit of petal dust and confectioner's sugar along with the Crystal Colors dusts.  HTH
You are welcome! I was stumped myself and did not want to eat into my profits either so this is what I came up with.  I use this method on all two tiered cakes or cakes taller than what will fit in a standard cake box.
I do not know where you are from but if you decide to start getting paid, even if it is only reimbursement for costs, you will need to find out what your local laws entail.  Many states have cottage food laws and have requirements that have to be fulfilled.  Then, there are quite often additional requirements or limitation from your local county and city.  There are resourced here on CC that list states and give websites to get information for the cottage food laws that...
I had to make a wedding cake yesterday that had a 4" wide 5" tall top tier. It was a bit more difficult to ice as there was not a lot of substance to the cake versus the maneuvering of putting the butter cream on. It took a bit of finessing and some time in the refrigerator to get it right. If you were going to make the hat taller the 5" like I did but have it only 4" wide you would need to make sure to use sturdy cake, not a lot of filling, and use a board half way...
I get them, too and do as BakingIrene suggested and mark them as "spam".
Some cake recipes can be doubled without any problems. Others need to have adjustments. In Rose Levy Beranbaum's book, "The Cake Bible" she explains this in detail and even how to tailor recipes so that they cook properly in different size pans. HTH
In regards to DepoPac kits, if you call their customer service they will tell you that if you order a DecoPac licensed character cake kit, you are only authorized to decorate the cake exactly as shown in the picture that comes with the kit. I looked into that some time back when I was deciding what I would and would not do when I opened my business.
When using gum paste I don't use corn starch or powdered sugar except very rarely and if I do very minimally. I mainly roll out gum paste on a non-stick silicone mat that has a very light coat of shortening on it.
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