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I get requests for life-like 3-D cakes often and have found it helpful to up front tell them that the price of a cake of that magnitude is based on the hours it takes to create not the number of servings.  I will direct them to a 3-D cake in my portfolio and tell them for instance, that cake was $$$. If meeting in person they sometimes will gasp and stammer and say, "I had no idea!" Sometimes they say, well it's what I want so let's price it out and we move...
I have been switching around with this issue myself.  I usually have different fillings in cakes in order to achieve a certain taste profile (like tiramisu or creme brulee, etc.). At first I did them like cupcakes with the two different fillings inside and the accompanying butter cream on top.  I jwas not satisfied and just did not think it was representative of how the cake would look at the wedding  since people are very visual.  How you market your product is...
Once gum paste starts to dry out even a little bit it no longer will adhere to itself with a bit of water.  You have to have a pretty thick gum glue, use royal icing, or melted chocolate to get it to adhere at that point. Learned that the same way you did! HTH
Glad I could help. Believe me, I was glad I figured something out as all those extra gadgets eat into the profits don't they? 
Well, I don't know what you could do legally.  However, professionally I would not ever sell her another cake.  She is one nervy lady!
You can only charge per serving what your market will bear and what your product proficiency can bring.  Also, to set your prices you have to make sure your are marketing yourself to the correct market group.  You will not be able to get high end bakery pricing if your market base are grocery store cake customers.  
Cupcakes are the bane of my caking existence! I dread when I get a call and its another display cake/cupcake wedding.  Give me a tiered cake any day!  As others have posted, my pricing on my cupcakes are about the same as my per serving on my wedding cakes and people eat more of them.  More servings = more money for the bride not less.  The baking of multiple batters and then the different fillings and icings.   So exhausting.  And then they usually want each one...
The luster and pearl dusts by Crystal Colors are FDA food safe.  I use these all the time on fondant pieces that are meant to be eaten (like on top of cupcakes, etc.) and add other petal dusts to change up colors as needed or for darker hues.  You can also add the dusts to bits of vodka or other clear alcohol to create edible shimmer paints for highlighting or painting fondant accent pieces. HTH
Letting the fondant sit is the key.  I have these cutters and that is what I figured out and now they are easy to use.  
I don't know if this will help you but I will tell you what I do.  I purchased some pearlized dusts made by Crystal Colors.  These are 100% FDA food safe. I mix a bit of this with a small amount  confectioner's sugar and dust it on the fondant with a food safe brush.  It leaves a shimmery surface to the fondant without being over the top.  To change up or darken colors I add a bit of petal dust and confectioner's sugar along with the Crystal Colors dusts.  HTH
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