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I add orange zest to any orange cake recipe as well as some of Lorann's orange oil extract. Then I make an orange syrup by reducing some orange juice concentrate a bit and then brush the cakes with that before I fill them. HTH
I made the commitment and purchased a hydrangea cutter and mold. They make creating hydrangeas much easier. I make the centers by taking stamens and taping them to wire. Sometimes I use the lifelike ones and sometimes I just use pearl ones. I then place small balls of gum paste with a bit of gum glue on a rolled out piece of gum paste and then flip it over so that there are little lumps far enough apart that when you use the cutter they do not impinge on one another. ...
I saw recently that Oriental Trading has some very reasonably priced.  They call them cupcake collars on their site. HTH
The best thing to do is to get your some Americolor Super Red .  With it you only need about 1 possibly 2 tsp. for a two layer 9" cake.  I am sorry I can't tell you the exact amounts because I always make large batches of red velvet.  
Kara, I subscribe to your blog and loved your post about this way of wiring.  I have a lot of gum paste flowers to make in the coming months so I will give it a try.  How I have been dong it in the past though is to take the fabric covered wire and work a very small ball of gum paste onto it I then use a brush and add a very small amount of gum glue to the wire and then place it on the cut out petal or leaf and then put it into my veining mold.  The pressure of the...
I don't know if it will help but for 4-packs of jumbo cupcakes I use 4-pack muffin clam cases.  I have had no trouble with there not being enough room to the top even with a generous swirl of butter cream and some decorations on top. HTH
For undecorated cupcakes I charge the same for wedding as I do for any other event.  I have two sizes - standard and jumbo.  Standard is the normal cupcake size and the gourmet is a jumbo about 30% larger.  Then, I have two pricing structures, one for no fillings and the other for gourmet fillings and toppings (i.e. chocolate truffle filling and ganache drizzle on top of the icing).  For a non-filled standard size cupcake I do those for $1.75 each, filled standard at...
I tell brides to make sure to add the top tier to the number of servings they want to have at the reception.  That top tier has to be baked and decorated just like all the other tiers - why should it be free? Sometimes, I give a "discount" and gift them the top tier but that is always at my discretion.
Yes, the see through wrap on the front is the wrap like used for gift baskets.  I have been able to find it at the Dollar Tree for $1.00 a roll which usually covers several cakes per roll - very economical.  All in all, using this method usually costs me less than $1.50 per customer delivery which is much cheaper than any specialty boxes or even regular boxes I have priced at suppliers. HTH
I use a light coat of shortening to knead my fondant and only use corn starch when I am ready to roll it out.  This helps keep the fondant from getting too dry and has eliminated the problems you mention. HTH
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