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I use gum paste, fondant, and modeling chocolate. As some others have said what seems to work best for creating figures or using molds seems to be a 50/50 mix between fondant and modeling chocolate. You have the extended work time that comes from using modeling chocolate but less of the greasiness when you handle it. Now, for realistic flowers and leaves, gum paste is a must.
I have used the pudding, pineapple and whipped cream filling before, too and it is great. I tried adding pineapple to Rich's Bettercreme recently and it did not do quite as well. Not quite sure why.
Candy clay is also called "modeling chocolate" and is made by gently melting candy wafers or chocolate (dark, milk, or white) and adding corn syrup to it. The ratio is usually 1 lb. wafers/chocolate to 1/3 c. corn syrup. When the wafers/chocolate is melted you stir in the corn syrup until thick and smooth. Transfer to a wax paper lined pan and smooth out. Let sit @ 8 hrs. to over night. At first it will look really greasy but do not wipe up this excess oil on top. It...
It works best if there is just a light layer of icing underneath the fondant. If you put very much on then the fondant will not lay properly or will wrinkle or bulge. The undercoat of icing needs to be smooth as well as making sure there are no bulges from any fillings before placing the fondant on. Otherwise, every bump and bulge will show. HTH
I use the tappits. I just roll my fondant out really thin and let it dry over night. Then I go back and cut and the fondant "taps" right out.
If you cut your squares ahead of time you would need to make sure they are 100% "square" or they will not fit together nicely later when they are dry. Do you have "the mat"? If so, perhaps you could cut the squares and place them under that so that they would not dry out. Just an idea.
I had some MMF in the refrigerator for 4 months one time and it still tasted good but was a bit grainy. I was told by some lovely people on here that if you add some glucose to the MMF when it is grainy and kneed it in that it soon smooths right back out again. It worked like a charm!
Oh, what a shame! It was very pretty. I am glad you were able to at least get the cake there. I had a similar thing happen for a baby shower a few months back. It was a topsy turvy cake, too. I think my problem was my cake was not dense enough. I was able to get mine back together and reapply the fondant so it did not look too bad. If I make another one I am definitely using a pound cake recipe!
Well, the way that I do it is to print up a line of text in a font that I like. I make sure to print the font in the size that I need for the placement on the cake. I then cut the text out removing most of the surrounding paper from around it but leaving enough to give me a bit to hold it into place. I then take a very sharp skewer or hat pin and prick through the paper into the icing all around each of the letters close enough so that when the paper is removed you can...
I have always shared my recipes for main courses and sides as I am an avid cook and take people asking for my recipes as compliment. So this holding out is new and alien for me. But, I guess I will just have to toughen up and "just say no!" with no guilt attached.
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