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Thanks guys! This was helpful!
Hey all!Im just starting my home cake business and wanted to get your opinions on cake boss software.Would that be enough as far as taxing purposes are concerned since my business is out of the home and wont be very high volume.Any feed back appreciated!Huma
Hey guys!So I did contact my township and it turns out I can operate from my home kitchen, I just need to apply for the zoning which didnt seem too complicated.I had another question, anyone applied for a business license? If so, how do you go about getting one in PA? Or is this business license what the PDA will give once they inspect the kitchen!?Really confused and need help!Thanks!
Hi all, I'm moving to Bethlehem area in the next few weeks and have been waiting to open up my home cake decorating business. I have been doing some from the current home but on a very limited scale. I have read all your comments on the whole process but am still a bit vary about the home inspection and paper work for the borough. Does anyone have the particulars about the Bethlehem / Northampton county area. Can I also do cake decorating classes from home (legally)? How...
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