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I used 8 and 6 inch cakes and carved these into a bottle shape, ensuring a dowel went through the middle.I used modelling chocolate to cover it with and handpainted the labels, but you could print it out of edible paper, hope this helps
thanks guys you are getting the creative juices flowing, although I am nervous of wonky cakes. I am a novice with wonky cakes! but i am going to look for a good tutorial.xx
thanks guys! But unfortunately, if it is to be numbers they are to be 3d! :O and they want something original. Its a black tie event, so not sure if Spinal Tap is the way to go, although my hubbie loves the idea!I am thinking of doing 11 cakes with 11 flavours and 11 equations equalling 11. if that all makes sense. but really stumped. I have until monday which is when I have to give my design brief over.
i thought that too, but they want something out of the box!
I have a cake for 100 people do for. the party theme is the number 11, thats right, everything is set out in 11' is on the 11.11.11, so they want a cake in this theme.ideas anyone??it has to be a show stopper!!HELP!!
thanks labmom!!! appreciate it!! lovexx
To the buttercream experts!!If i did the cake attached (three tier) could this be put into the hotels fridge and when brought down to room temp would the shape of the piped roses stay in tact???xx
does anyone know where i can order macaroon/macaron boxes??Thanksxx
@sweetflowers can you send me the video??
i've tried googling 'texturing' to no avail. Is there a specific name for this?
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