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This is good to know! I baked some cupcakes last night for 19 minutes, using apple sauce, only because I was out of oil, and wondered why the bottoms were a bit well done. Thanks for the info! Funny how much difference a minute can make!!
Ok, so I made this last night, for a cake this weekend, and YUM! I've never made MMF before and was a bit intimidated, but wow,....this is good..and easy! Definitely a keeper.. Thank you!
Thanks for the link for the black fondant! I need this for a birthday cake for my daughter, and a wedding cake next year. Hopefully, Wilton colour won't let me down! I'm excited to try this, as MMF is a new experience for me!
Just hoping you can let us know how the cupcakes turned out. I've also been asked to do a cake and cupcakes for a 2011 wedding. Looking for great ideas to ease the load...have done 1 wedding cake, 3 yrs ago, turned out well for first attempt...crossing my fingers for another success!
Hey there! thanks for the Wilton Colour chart. The only problem is that at this time, that page is unavailable via the link. Don't know if there is an update... I have copied and pasted the list you gave ( what a life saver you are!). Just thought anyone else out there might wanna do the same thing!
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