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How can I make white chocolate Italian meringue buttercream? I've tried adding melted chocolate but it gets lumpy and not appealing at all. Thanks!
hmm. I've never actually made it! Can you recommend a recipe?
How long can mascarpone frosting be left unrefrigerated?
Thank you for the replies! That's kinda what I was leaning toward. It seemed very strange to me.
I have someone who wants to bring me 300 cupcakes (already baked) so I can frost them. I have a storefront (not sure if that makes a difference in your opinion). Would you do it? If so, what would you charge?
I made some chocolate ganache this morning (a recipe I found on here ) and it won't set up enough for me to whip. It's been in the fridge for almost 5 hours. Any suggestions as to why it won't set?   hopefully this works!
  Do you know what mould was used on this cake??
What about doing a frozen buttercream transfer??
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