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Thank-you :)   Thanks again for all the help!!
  So this is how mine turned out :) ended up using 35 regular cupcakes for the dress, edible pearls for the belt and a crystal rhinestone for an accent.   You could always use mini cupcakes!!
Thank-you!! You cake turned out beautifully! The weather's been so hot here the last few days I'm hoping my b/c doesn't melt!!!   I have a 18"x26" may be a bit big but better that than too small :)
I am making one of those pull apart cupcake wedding dresses for a friends shower, it needs to have 28 cupcakes in big of a cake board should I get? TIA
Awesome, can't wait to get started!I'm not delivering the cake, it's being picked up, therefore I have to assemble ahead of time Thanks again
Thanks Icer.....but I should still crumbcoat the cakes first then apply the b/c in the textured manner?? Then stack....I think that's my plan of action, just wanted to check and see if that made sense to other people lolThanks again
Cake is being picked up tomorrow morning, it's only a 6",8" and 10", so it has to be assemebled before hand.I just wasn't sure if I should crumbcoat stack then add my 'textured' buttercream or texture each tier then assemble....I think I'm leaning towards texturing then assembling, guess I better figure it out soon as I have to get started this afternoon!!Thankx
I'm doing a wedding cake just like this for the weekend. My question I crumb coat the stack then finish off with the swirly buttercream...or do I swirly each tier than stack?I'm just worried I might mess up the texture while I'm stacking.Any advice would be appreciated!Thanks so much
I did this exact thing for my best friends wedding! I didn't want to buy new pans so I used my 2" high ones and stuck two together and just blended the couldn't tell it was two layers pressed together! So much fun and sooo easy!Good luck
I have tried everything to get a dark plum colour. Violet with a bit of red, burgandy with some purple....I'm mixing the gels together first than applying. Everytime I think I get the right colour it goes gray or brownish. I have no idea what to do! I need to make 'Summer Plum' violets,the colour has more pink in it so I tried using a pink base and adding violet to it and it's the cloest....but when I add more to get it darker it turnes gray. Can someone help me out?? I...
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