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I have the following questions:Can a styrofoam cooler be used to store cupcakes?Ice bag from store or Ice pack?Please help, the weather out here 80+, need to help preserve cupcakes during the flea market.
Couture Cupcakes is raising money to get a mobile truck. Any donations or support will help!To donate or need more information visit the link:!Couture Cupcakes is raising money to bring Couture Cupcakes to more Contra Costa County residents! Couture Cupcakes is currently self-promoted myself throughout the community of Antioch,...
Thanks, I was guessing they were upside down cups lol. Also I have been thinking to do ice packs for the displays .......find a way to hide the ice packs
I will be starting to sell at my local farmers market and flea markets very soon but before i start i have questions.What did she use for her packaging, mean the container??? for cupcakes?Storing them to protect against melting in 80+ weather?Thanks ladies
Thanks will look into it! Also I thought Photo shoot was being used?
Is the opening of the tip wide?
I was wondering what program or programs are being used to make customized cupcake toppers, stickers etc.
I need help with pastry tips! I am looking for a jumbo round pastry tip to make a perfect circle on top of cupcakes, please help! Would Ateco #809 do it? I want it to look like this, which tip would be achieve this?
Thanks so much! I really want to try this recipe.
What Can I Substitute For Sour Cream In This Recipe? Or Can I Substitute The Sour Cream In This Recipe??To make these peaches and cream cupcakes, I used the vanilla sour cream cupcake recipe from Seriously Simple Holidays by Diane Rossen Worthington with peaches and cream blended in. If you don't want to make a peaches and cream recipe to blend into the cupcake, you could mix in peach jam instead. While I have not tried it, I think that the peach jam would give the recipe...
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