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Help!!! I made a cake this past weekend and after design it I realized that the fondant was bulging. Looked almost like the buttercream was oozing. How do I fix this? I have a wedding coming up and need to correct this NOW!!!!
Need some help from anyone who has made a Cat in the Hat cake. Truthfully i am just making the hat and want to make sure my structure will be sound.Thanks!!
Diane,this happens with the 11x15 and 12x18 Wilton pans
"Another possibility - you may be slightly overfilling the pans. If that's the case, the cake will sink in the center, giving it a dense texture."You may be right the cakes do seem to be that way at the bottom. I never know how much to put in the larger pans. I do use the flower nails though.
Okay so I have baked the WASC a few times and the cakes have been coming out very dense inside almost rubbery taste. The larger cakes anyway. What am I doing wrong?
I think I'd like to hear that answer I'm making a Garden Cake for my Dad and would love to make a shed.
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