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I think you should do both. Whip up the buttercream and do a little of the piping gel. But don't warm it up as much or at all. Hope that helps. Good luck
congratulations!!so excited for you and jealous I'm not at that point yet lol
I just got mine in the mail! My mother bought it for my birthday! Can't wait to use it!
When I attach styrofoam to a board a push a nail from the bottom of the board into the dummy. hope this helps.
I know how you feel. I'm waiting on a reply right now for a cake. Design is an 8" tree stump with the initials carved out like a regular tree would. Also with leaves and wedding bands on it (all fondant). Told the lady $55 although I want to charge $75 just because I REALLY want to do this cake. She replies that she doesn't want to spend that much but will let me know by this morning. Well this morning has come and gone and never heard from her. If she doesn't want to pay...
I would charge atleast 300 dollars. depends on how big you make it.
ok I feel stupid. I went to search what SPS means? could someone help me out on what you all are talking about? thanks.
Hi! I live in garland and I bake out of my church...but there are very few kitchens to rent in dallas. There are a lot in ftw though.Hope that helps!
first of all congratulations!!! I just went and looked at all of your photos, and they are fantastic! Good luck in your first year!
So excited!!! Such a big change for us texans!
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