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Bake in the baking wrapper (liner) that will absorb the grease and become discolored.  When placing on the cupcake tree, place each one inside a new, pink wrapper.
denetteb~~Shipping is usually around $6-$7 depending on the order.  I would verify the order.   I just did a pretend order for 1 mold and shipping was $6.40.   Raymis~~Cute cookies!  Don't feel bad about the Wilton molds, I did exactly the same thing.   I still have quite a few of the Wilton cookie molds still in the brand new packaging.  They make great gifts for children who can use them for play-doh.
You're most welcome, cait1219.    I've been a hobby baker (don't sell--just give stuff away for free because it is fun) since early 2010.  My city has a wholesale bakery supply company nearby that very graciously allows sales to hobby bakers.  I am able to purchase a 25 lb. box of dark chocolate Guittard A'Peels at wholesale pricing, without the shipping charges.  This is the main reason that I have grown to love playing with chocolate, for me it is relatively... BEST molds:               (yes, they are expensive, but they are worth every cent!   You can use the tutorial on this site for any type of cookie molds) OK molds:  CK product cookie molds: Barely passable until you get better molds:  Wilton cookie molds  (these are really stupid molds because they don't allow enough space...
Thanks.   It is so thick I wondered if you had to pipe it to avoid getting crumbs all over the caramel. 
Vldutoit~~Do you pipe the caramel or spread with a spatula between the layers of chocolate cake?  Just curious. 
You are correct.  It would end up being a whipped, melting mess.
Good choice!  Whatever you make will be gleefully eaten and enjoyed.   Since you love pumpkin, here is a recipe that I obtained on CakeCentral that makes the most unbelieveable goodness in the whole, wide world of goodness.  Some of the ingredients are hard to find inside the USA, let alone in other places, but quite a few people have used substitutions with great success.    Here's the link to a thread on Wilton that has a lot of excellent information regarding...
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