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The link I posted above have them but they are out of stock till next week.
This. That is the reason why I ordered the taller papers.
Someone had posted a link to that IKEA cake pan a month or so back and I was so excited because I too am looking for a larger than average but not jumbo size cupcake. When I made the 1.5 hr trip to the closest store I found that the pan is very small, hardly bigger than a shot glass (yes taller but just barely and almost the same diameter) if you scroll down about half way you will see brown liners that are slightly taller than standard. I have some on order and should...
Where did you find them? Could you update after you use them about how they worked out?
Just an FYI I saw this post and the link to the Ikea tin. I was super excited to see it because I too have been searching for taller pans (or papers that are not jumbo) and didnt even think about looking for measurements and planned a trip to my closest Ikea which is 1.5 hours away. When I got there I was disappointed to see that the cupcake tin is not that much bigger than a shot glass. It is more of a tall mini cupcake tin. But I still managed to spend a ton of...
I too found mine at Hobby Lobby and I believe I may have seen them at Meijers before as well but on one of those hanging strip things, not an actual shelf.
I have done both, take them out right away and cool in the pan for 5-10. After reading and reading about pulling liners I have tried every trick I could find. I also do not use cake mixes just scratch recipes so that is not the case. I have tried them with chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, coconut, you name it. I have to stick with the foil liners for now as well. I have found the glassine ones stay put but are greasy looking.eta: spelling error
Oh I did forget to mention that the prints and colors do stay almost exactly the same as they look but maybe that is because the liners dont stick to the cakes long enough to change it
I have. And I am very disappointed in them. I was excited to see the range of prints and colors at a great price so I bought 4 different ones! I have not baked with them on a sheet pan just a muffin pan so I am not sure how they hold up that way. But they all pull away from the cupcake within minutes or after a few hours. I have tried many recipes and techniques to prevent it but it just doesnt work for me. I have read to tap the pans to release air bubbles, remove...
These are the wider liners that need a jumbo pan. I *think* all jumbo liners come standard 2 1/4 x 1 5/8 or 7/8. You can probably find some at Hobby Lobby before ordering some.
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