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Does anyone have any idea on how to make a gumpaste exercise bike? I saw one on CC but I can't find any templates. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Dina
I am about to do my first shoe. I want to make it in black so I have to use black fondant because gumpaste can't really be tinted a real black. So my question is: do I use tylose on the fondant in order to have it harden like gumpaste? or what can I use?ThanksDina
Has anyone made a gym or duffle bag? any tips, ideas or tutorial you can share?
Jan H, thank you for finding my old post for me. I tried searching for it with no luck. since you can't access your old blog posts, I couldn't find it.Can you tell me how you are able to search for old forum postsThanksDina
I am bumping this post up because I really need help with it.
Thank you ladies for the recipes. I will be sure to try them this weekend
Anyone has a super moist red velvet cake recipe? I know I asked that before but I can't access my old forum posts.ThanksDina
Hi:I saw a few duffle bag cakes here on CC but i can't find a tutorial or instructions for one. Can anyone help with that? Any information would be helpfulThanksDina
OK, so I got my sister the cricut for scrapbooking and I saw working with it and it looks so cool and fast too. So I started thinking of getting the cricut for cakes but wanted to know from people here that have it what they thought of it.Is it worth it? would you recommend it? I saw some videos that make it look so easy, is that true?Any comments about the cricut whether positive or negative would be appreciated. I am sure other people have asked, but I really want to...
moranda, can you share the recipe for the chocolate khalua cake? it sounds really good
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