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I am fairly new at this business and it seems that I am always underpricing. Anyway, I quoted a customer a price for a cake. It is is a pretty involved cake and had a lot of firsts for me so when I told her the price, I really did not know how much work would go into it. so my question is, do I talk to her and tell her that I have to raise the price because I did not realize how much work was involved? is that tacky? My husband said that it was and just learn for next...
Funny you should ask this.I too will be going back to school in a year and I was wondering how I would get back into the swing of things once school is over. I think that if people approached you about a cake and you had to decline and told them why, then it would be ok to let them know that you are back now and refer them to you facebook page and such..hope this helpsDina
I bought the cardboard carriers one time, but my cupcakes tend to be a little larger so the icing was touching. So I found carriers that were more spaced out (called jumbo) and I think that would work well. You just have to see how big your cupcakes are.For pricing, if you will a fondant topper then I would charge a min of $2.5 ac cupcake, may be $3. That will also depend on your demographic.I hope that helpedDina
I noticed that a lot of people are using the tappits for their lettering. It looks wonderful but is it easy to work with? I went on the website and they had a whole bunch but were out of stock for many. Which one would you recomend if you have used them?Dina
Thank you for the info. Where would you get food safe celophane? would it say that on the package?
I have seen several examples of people covering their boards in pretty wrapping paper and then covering that in clear contact paper (the paper that has a self adhesive back used most commonly to cover drawers and shelves). Is it safe to put the cake right on it? Do you may be wipe it down with soap and water first? Thanksdina
deep pink from what brand?
How do you achieve the Tiffany blue color? Also what color do you use for a hot pink or fushia color?Dina
thanks foxymomma. It is quite hot here this week. I thought I might need a lot more than that. so thanks for the tip.Dina
So how much tylose if I choose to use it? I will give the coloring a try but I tried it with fondant and I couldn't get it black.Dina
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