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For the flying part, Duff makes these wires that you can stick in a cake and attach things to them, they will kind of look like a baby mobile.
I am basing this on a square or rectangel cake. You can do the guitar in a corner and Pom poms in another corner. You can the lines from her favorite song on the center. As for the music note I would put them on the sides of the cake going around.Hope this helps youDina
So I am supposed to do an excercise themed cake, I am going to make a gumpaste bike and some excercise related decor. The client wants the colors to be black and fushia.Any suggestions on design? it is a two tiered cake. The bike will be on the top. THis is for a 60th bday so I want someting appropriate.THanksDina
Sweettooth Were your vases filled with anything? What kind of dowels did you use? wood or plastic?Also, pastrygirl, how did you use styrofoam for half the cake? did you use a peice of styrofoam as a cake layer?
Sandy, you are not kidding. They do look real. do you mind telling me what colors you used to dust them and what brand?
Can I use the chocolate moulds to make gumpaste seashells? How do I do that? Is there a better way? Dina
I want to use a glass vase to seperate two tiers. I want to fill the glass vase with beads or seashells (I just saw a similar one here). How do I do that? will it be too heavy?Do you glue the top tier to the lip of the vase?Any ideas would be helpfulDina
Thank you. I wasn't sure if I could use hot glue
How do I apply material ribbon on the sides of a fondant covered board?What can I use to adhere it?dina
Thanks everyone for your honest opinion. I kind of knew that this was the right thing to do, but just wanted some confirmation. Anyway, next time I know better.
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