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Does anyone know how to get that maple leafs blue color? Also, if you want to make a jersey with sleeves made of cake, does anyone know if there is a template for how to cut the sleeves?ThanksDina
Thank you guys for your help. But I was looking for a tutorial of how to make the tower out of gum paste. I saw one tower here on CC and there was a mention of a template but I couldn't find a posting of it.Does anyone know of one?
Does anyone have instructions or a template of some sort on how to carve or construct a house cake?ThanksDina
Does anybody have a template for the eifel tower? I saw a really nice one made out of pas tillage (I am not sure what that is, but I am going to take a wild guess and assume it is gum paste)I need to make one and not sure where to start. Can anyone help?ThanksDina
No, what I mean by a strawberry shortcake is a vanilla cake filled with a custard filling and strawberries.
I have two cakes to make. Both strawberry shortcakes. One is for saturday and one for sunday. How far in advance can I make them? I am worried that the strawberries may taste funny if I make them too far in advance.I was thinking thursday and friday respectivelythanksDina
Does anyone know of a bulk food store in buffalo near walden galeria or in niagara falls NY near the outlet malls?I need to buy high ratio shortening and I am not sure where to get it in those areas.ThanksDina
Ok, so as if I don't have enough stuff to do I have been asked to host a little cake decorating demo for a bunch of grade 6 students who are not going on a field trip. So I am supposed to show them how to decorate a basic cake and then have them decorate their own cupcakes.Now, I am really short on time and I want a simple theme to go with.I can bring some icing and some fondant.There should be around 10 kids.Can you suggest anythingDina
Where do you buy chefmaster colors, I have never heard of them.Nutriwhip is more stable than dreamwhip but I am not sure if it is stable enough for piping, that's why I askedI will try the wilton one and see what happens.Thanks for your repliesDina
I use Mccalls fondant and I am having trouble coloring it in hot pink. I bought the americolor fushia and it came out lavender. Does anyone use Mccals fondant and know how to get a hot pink?Also, for those of you who use nutriwhip , can I pipe 1M swirls with it? is it stable enough?Thanks
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