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How much would you charge for cala lilies and hydrangeas?I am thinking $5 per cala lily, but not sure on the hydrangeas. It takes about 25 petals to make a little bouquet.ThanksDina
Ok, I was asked by a client if I could decorate a carribean fruit cake for a wedding. I have never seen nor worked withe one before, so I need to know where to start.Do I ice the cake before I apply the fondant? Oh, and do you fill it with anything? Is the surface of the cake sticky enough that it doesn't need icing?Do I have to refrigate the cake after I apply the fondant?ThanksDina
Thanks melanie, I will give those a try.
To be honest I have only ever made one vegan cake and it was vanilla. So I am not really sure what flavours are possible.Can you suggest your favorites maybe. Or a chocolate hazelnut one.Sorry I am not being speicifc.But thanks for your helpDina
Anyone have tried tested and true vegan cake recipes? I need to make an engagement cake and it needs to be vegan.thanksDina
Thanks, Yes I meant a cake shaped like number 8. What if I just want to use buttercream? Not fondant. will the black fondant for the holes look weird?dina
Does anyone have tips on how to ice a #8 cake? I am talking about inside the round cutouts. It looks like it might be a pain.Any suggestions?
Thanks ladies for your suggestions. I think I might go with the kit kat cake. It looks surprisingly easy. I will just check with the mom to make sure he actually likes chocolate.
I have to make a cake for an 8 year old boy, but the mom did not give me anything to work with. Any ideas?ThanksDina
I am not sure which one that is. is it the sky blue or the royal blue?
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