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I was asked to make a gluten free cake. I have never done one before so I am in need of some help.Do you use a mix or do you have a good recipe? Also, in terms of filling and icing, is there a special gluten free recipe?Thanks for all the helpDina
I am making my sister's bridal shower cake. The theme of the shower is candy and ice cream.I am making a candy buffet in the colors blue, white and silver. and there will be an ice cream station (with an awning). So I was thinking of making the ice cream cone cake I see here on (the 3D ice cream cone with 3 scoops of ice cream) do you think that is too kidish? Any other ideas?Dina
How do I cover a basketball cake?. I made it using the ball pan from wilton.How do I do it so that the fondant doesn't gather at the bottom?ThanksDina
What is your favourite icing on sugar cookies? I am looking for a yummy recipe, not just plain RI.Please either include your recipe or refer me to where to get it.Thank youDina
Do you not get condensation?
I need to make a 120 cookie favors for my sister's wedding. I am also making the cake so I have to make the cookies as far in advance as possible.I will be decorating them in royal icing.How far in advance can I decorate them and individually package them without them going stale?Can I freeze them already decorated?ThanksDina
Yes, but I am not sure what is an Undercoat? is that a thin layer of fondant that you apply direclty to the cake and then you apply a thick layer of fondant on top?
Ok, so I looked into buying the hydrangeas, and Holy cow, they are going to cost me about $100 and I haven't accounted for my markup yet.I don't mind making the calas but the hydrangeas are going to take foreever. So, any ideas on other filler flowers that are easier to make?She basicaly wants a two tierd cake that are stacked with a little space in the middle, where I am going to insert the flowers. The pic she showed me had alternating roses with hydrangeas all around...
thanks you have been very helpful. when you say undercoat, do you mean that you put a thin layer of fondant first then cover that with another layer or fondant?Dina
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