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It is the saron zampito recipe for icing. It uses shortening not butter. I think that sometime it is too hard as opposed to soft. Can any of you share a good recipe for cupcake swirls?ThanksDina
I need to make some cupcakes to display at a wedding show. So I need the frosting to hold. I have been using a frosting recipe for my cakes that really crust. While I don't mind using it, I was looking for a creamier option, so when it has been sitting out for a bit and you bite into it, it doesn't feel crunchy.Also, I have tried the 1M tip and a larger version of it to pipe swirls , however they are not tight enough. Is there a better option out there? Or what am I doing...
I need to make a cake in the color coral. I made it before but forgot the combo of colors I used to achieve it LOL.ThanksDina
I printed off a picture of a Coral reef that I liked and put parchment paper on top of it. I traced the design with royal icing, going over the lines at least twice to make sure that it is sturdy enough. I also put a wooden skewer or dowel at the bottom of the sheet and piped over it as part of the coral reef, and that's what I used to insert the reef into the cake. Hope this helps.Dina
I don't know what bas relief is. Can you clarify?ThanksDina
I am trying to make a storybook cake. Kind of like the one below but with "cars" and Cinderella . I am having a hard time figuring out how to make the characters not totally flat but kind of 3D but still lying down. I am having an especially hard time with Cinderella. Any ideas?I searched the web, but most of the cinderella cakes have 3D figures or are edible images.Any advice would be appreciated.ThanksDina
OMG. This is gorgeous. Biut now I have to see if I can a make a lightning McQueen and a Cinderella that look real. I am not that versed in 3D cartoon characters. Thank you for the idea.Dina
I have to make a cake for a brother and sister. The themes are lightning McQueen and Cinderella (or princesses). The mom wants a slab cake. I never made a cake with such different themes. Any ideas?ThanksDina
I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to make the ice cream cone stands on the cake from the Wilton 2012 yearbook. ThanksDina
wow, thanks for all the info. The cake will be for a little girl's party, but her entire family her included are gluten intolerant. I am not sure the degree so I have to find out . But if you can pm the recipes that you used, I would greatly appreciate it. Can you use regular buttercream icing ? I make mine with shortening. ThanksDina
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