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I had a similar question a while back, and I was told that you can't colour icing gold or silver, like someone said if you are using royal icing you can maybe make it a deep ivory color and paint over it in Ameircolor gold and you don't need the airbrush you can just paint straight from the bottle without adding alcohol.Dina
Hi ladies:I was asked to make a cake for 50-60 people in the justice league theme. The client doesn't want a tiered cake but instead a slab like cake. I don't know what size to make the cake to feed this many people. I also have a regular size fridge with a whole shelf I can use, so it has to fit that.Any idea on the size?ThanksDina
Thank you for your ideas. His wife actually just emailed me and asked me if I can a cake in the shape of a water pipe also known as shisha. I don't know if you know what that is, it is a middle eastern apparatus used for smoking tobacco. Crazy I know, but any ideas would be appreciated
I need to make a cake for a 30 year old male. Most of the ideas I am finding are for females. His wife is not giving me anything to go on. I asked her to tell me anything he is interested in to incorporate it but she hasn't said anything yet. Any suggestions would be appreciated.ThanksDina
I need to make a batch of cookies for a birtday party but I am also making the cake, so I wanted to get something out of the way. Can you freeze cookies after you have covered them in fondant? I am worried about the fondant getting wet and sticky once it thaws out.ThanksDina
I am newbie here, so I am not sure if this has been addressed before. I want to try and decorate butterfly cookies with fondant. I think that might be easier than decorating with royal icing.My question is, do you put the fondant as soon as the cookies come out of the oven?Also because butterflies are more intricate , do you have any suggestions for decorating in order to incorporate some colors. Would you use royal icing on top of the fondant? Any thoughts or ideas would...
Oh my goodness, I am so grateful for this site and the wealth of info I get here. Thank you sweettreat for your recipes I will try them for my next cake, I have to get my hands on high ratio shortening first.KHalstead thank you for that, no one has been able to tell me about this icing before, I will go to Sam's and check it out.I did try over the weekend a recipe a friend gave me that uses the boiling water method but it uses shortening and butter, it tasted good but...
Thank you ladies for your replies. When I say crunchy I mean grainy, the sugar is not quite melted in there (I am not sure if that makes it any clearer).can you post the link to the sugarshack recipe? I am new here and not sure where to find it.Dina
So here is my story. I have yet to find a recipe for buttercream that fits my criteria which are: non crusting (I don't like the crunshiness) good tasting and good for piping borders and drop flowers and such without losing shape. Not too much to ask right?I tried the wilton buttercream and I don't like it (too crunchy), I tried the swiss meringue and it is too soft for piping. I tried whipping 35% cream and adding it to whipped Nutri Whip and it was too runny.I am at my...
Does anyone have an idea on how to make a grad hat to sit on top of a cake. I want to use a large cupcake base for it, but I am having trouble with the top
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