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I have sky blue, delphinium blue, golden yellow and leaf green. They are the Wilton gel colors. I thought that there were colors that are pastel, and I wanted to know what they were
I need to make a baby shower cake and I need pastel blue, green and yellow. The Wilton website said to add white to primary colours. The white I have iOS sticky though. So I was wondering if there is an already made color so to speak Thanks Dina
Where can I get cupcake liners that still look good when you bake chocolate cake in them. I live in Canada and bought grease free liners fom Golda's kitchen but they didn't look light blue after I baked red velvet and chocolate batter in them. Online would be fine tooThanksDina
Thanks everyone for your input.I feel truly overwhelmed. I did not think the pricing thing through properly, but I have to sit down and really think about it.As far as calculating my time and how long things take, I find that very difficult. I am fairly new (2 years) and I have yet to make the same cake twice so almost everything I make is new and a learning experience. That obviously takes longer than if I am constantly making the same thing and having take less...
I ave Bren making cakes for a couple of years. I charge per Cake. I am starting to get into wedding cakes and I was looking online and fund tha a lot of people charge per serving. How do you charge? Why? I am just overwhelmed with all the logistics but want to be prepared so I don't screw myself over as I have in the pastThanks for he inputDina
I used the cake boss recipe for ganache, and now it is too runny. I knew the amount he was using for cream was too much but went ahead and used it, I am having a stupid moment right now.The problem is that it is going through the cake instead of staying as a filling.what can I do to thinken it.? is it salvagable at this point?I need help asap, I am in the middle of an orderthanksdina
I am just trying to make sense of someting I have reading up on here.Do you do your tasting after the bride has already booked the cake and paid a deposit?Or do you do it before as a trial for example like they do for hair (for lack of better example)I was wondering because I am trying to come up with rules for my business and I want to be clear.Becasue while i can offer a free tasting on orders over a certain amount on an order I know is alrady mine, I can't afford to do...
Thanks everyone. I have been doing payment on delivery for regular cakes and have had no problems. But for wedding cakes I think full payment prior to wedding is a necessity. Dina
I was wondering, how does everyone work their payment for a wedding cake? how much deposit? when is final payment required? I am doing a wedding show in a couple of days and I want to be prepared with answers,THanksDina
Hi:I am participating in my first wedding show and I want to be prepared.What do you guys do in terms of taste tests for wedding cakes?Do you charge for them? Are they free? What is the protocol?Also, I work from home, what do you do? do you host it at home? do you meet them outside?How about deposit? what is the appropriate amount for a wedding cake deposit?ThanksDina
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