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Hi. I am doing a bottle cake and the bottle is clear glass with clear liquid inside. I was looking online and someone had done a black wine bottle and glazed it to give that shiny look. Any ideas on how to get that glassy look on fondant? Thanks Dina
Hi: I need some advice on a cake. I was asked to make a cake in the shape of a grappa botega bottle (I tried to include a pic but was unable to from my iPad). She wants it 3D (stand up) and to feed 40 people. Any ideas, suggestions would be appreciated. This a link to a pic, not sure if it will...
I have made thus cake using the foam head and shaved off the nose. And the one I bought did not have ears. It worked perfectly.
Can anyone recommend a good online place to order gum paste peonies from? And reasonably priced  thanks Dina
My sister in law is turning 40 and her husband asked me to make a cake to feed 50 ppl. I made  the grave mistake of asking what he would like on it LOL, and this is what I got: Tim horton's coffee (famous canadian coffee shop for those of you unfamiliar), family, teaching and HGTV (the channel).  Honestly, I have no idea where to start, and how to incorporate all these elements on one cake. I want something creative, but also not super hard to make since I will...
Hi: I am making cake pops in the shape of poker chips. I have to paint the numbers on them. I tried the white paint from Wilton but it is sticking on the chocolate. Any help would be appreciated Dina
Hi: Can anyone tell me how to make the cube shape in order to make dice cake pops? Do you somehow form it by hand? Or is there a better way ? Thanks Dina
I need to make a cinderella doll cake. The one using the doll on the top . I was wondering if anyone can reffer me to a tutorial on how to make it. Also, does anyone know how many people it can feed. And finally, my client wants a cake with whipped cream and fresh strawberries filling. Would the strawberries interfere with the construction of the cake? Thanks for all your help Dina
Hello everyone: I have a question for everyone. I have a client who wants a 3 tiered cake to feed 150 ppl. What size tiers would you make? I always tend to go bigger than needed because I am always afraid of not having enough, but end up with too much cake. Thanks Dina
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