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Does anyone have any suggestions on how to create something like in the photo, the cake off the old Alice in Wonderland movie?   The client doesn't mind if they're not square, she's happy with whatever is easier for me, but to be honest they don't seem easy at all!   I've tried tonight with some sponge I cut it into small squares and poured a softened fondant over the top, which I also added a bit of water too.   It dries with a nice dry touch but it looks so lumpy...
Thanks Queenfa, yes I plan to mould the cake into the shape first, I have prepared an image to help me mould the sponge to the shape. I am a painter too so not too worried about the actual painting, just not sure what edible tools will be best to use, dust, paste, ect. Thanks again
Hi everyone! I have this cake to make next weekend. I'm not entirely certain how to do it yet. Do you think black dust mixed with vodka (or similar) to paint the wolf will be best? Or use paste? Thanks so much in advance for any tips you may be able to give me
I can't seem to find anywhere online about how many macarons will fit on a certain sized cone. I need 1 tower with 40 macarons. From what I can find a 35cm cone will hold 55 macarons, would a 25cm cone be too small??   Thank you in advanced to anyone who may know!
I want to make homemade marshmallow pops for a market stall and want the best tasting deliciously fluffy marshmallows! But I've found a mixture of recipes online, half of which use egg white and the other half doesn't. I'd just like to know which one is better! I've not made either before so would love to know from anyone who has.     TIA :)
Hi everyone! I'm holding my first market stall in a couple of weeks and want to have an awesome stall! Have a massive table to fill and don't want it to look empty. So far I'm planning on having about 8 different flavours of macarons to pic 'n' mix, 8 flavours of fudge to picc 'n' mix and different flavour cupcakes. Can you think of some other great stuff which will help me fill my table for the markets! Thank you in advance! Jasmin
Quite a late reply but just found this post and thought I'd share this tutorial I found -   The 'jug' has got a plastic jug hidden in it which is obviously why it holds up so well. I would like to know if its possible to do one without the top item being not all edible?   Hope this helps! :)
I would really like to know why my macarons don't stay the same colour they were before they went in the oven! Below is a picture of a batch of pink macarons I made, the ones on the left have just came out the over and the ones on the right are piped ready to go in the oven. Look at the colour change! They don't look pink at all afterwards.   I am making snowman macarons today for the shop and really want them to look white like snowman are supposed to but my white...
Hi everyone! I've agreed to make this cake for a client but am not too sure of the best way to get all the multicoloured blotches?   What would you recommend, powder colours?  And just brush them on?   Thank you all so much!   Jasmin -    
I supply the cupcakes for a coffee shop and keep getting requests for.a caramle cupcakes. However I don't like to display the cupcakes in the fridge as it makes the sponge dry out and go hard. I display them in a cake stand on the counter. So my question is does such thing exist as a cream free caramel frosting to go on cupcakes? Any answers will be appreciated. Thank you!
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