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Thank you for all your help!!
Have a bride who found this pic...but i am not sure how to do the surface of the cake. Flowers aren't a problem but does anyone know how to get that look?thank you for all your help
I did a search in our forums and I didn't find anything on this topic so i apologize if this is a duplicate posting.I need to get edible images printed but am not prepared to fork over the dough to get my own system yet because the demand is not there. I am in Toronto and am wondering if anyone knows of places who will print them for you and for how much?any help is greatly appreciated thank you.
Thank you soo much it is the 'nutella' style icing they would like. Now i'm second guessing a chocolate cake as a good pairing. Any suggestions on the best cake it goes with?
Which one does your bride want - hazelnut or a chocolate hazelnut? That Nutella is popular with many people.Well she said hazelnut and then i asked whether she mean hazelnut or chocolate i'm waiting for her to get back to me. Thanks for your help guys...i know this shouldn't be rocket science for me...but i'm not into nuts so i honestly don't know which one will taste better! hahaha who doesn't like nutella!
I am doing a wedding cake and have been asked to do a hazelnut filling. Is it better to do a straight hazelnut or a chocolate hazelnut filling? and i need something that will hold up (literally) so no mousses. I've looked at the recipes posted and am undecided does anyone have some brilliance they could share with me?Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you!Gillian(i'm going to do a chocolate cake as i figure what will best compliment the filling)
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