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The Wilton football pan only serves 12 (you said you need 10 servings, right?). It really doesn't bake up all that big. I made it for my son's 1st birthday & needed additional servings, so I made 6 little football player heads using the mini ball pan.
Aw honey, I'm sorry! I would try remixing it as suggested with some additional powdered sugar to stiffen it up, and also make sure you're using a recipe with all shortening (no butter). Haven't tried the hi-ratio shortening myself, but I've heard it's much better in warmer weather. Crank the a/c, and lastly, I've also heard that burning a couple of candles in the room where you're working helps reduce the amount of humidity, which can also affect your icing consistency....
amarillo, as a woman who suffered from infertility for 2 long years (filled with endless temperature charting, ovulation test kits, herbal remedies, medical tests & procedures, etc. etc. etc.), I just want to say how much I admire your precious gift to moms that are unable to conceive on their own! Through medication & surgery, I luckily conceived & am now the proud mommy of a sweet 14 month-old little boy who is the center of my world. God bless you!
Hello all -- I'm new to the forum & am making my first baby shower cake at the end of July. I want to make a pair of the baby Converse sneakers, for which I found the template & instructions here on CC. My question is this....would you suggest making them with fondant, gum paste, or a 50/50 mix? My plan was to use a 50/50 mix -- I'm afraid they won't harden enough with 100% fondant, but I'm afraid I won't be able to work quickly enough with 100% gum paste before it...
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