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I was wondering the same thing about an LV purse. I do have one more question though. If you make a LV purse with brown fondant is there anyway you can get an edible image sheet that will match the fondant's color, or are edible image sheets always white?
Thanks, I definitely will!
Hi everyone,I've been looking for a paisley design to pipe onto a cake but cannot seem to find one I like. If anyone could point me in the direction of one or share a link that would be great!Thanks!
I just did a search and found them. There are 3 recipes though which one(s) would you like?GougèresBacon, Garlic, and Thyme GougèresScallion, Parmesan, and Black Pepper Gougères
I searched for gougeres on cooks illustrated and nothing came up. Any other suggestions for what to search?
Sure what's your e-mail?
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