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This is great. Thanks so much for this tutorial.  My little boy love Dino and I would love to make a cake like that.  
 Wilton Youtube Video  How to Create a Frozen Buttercream Transfer.
Thanks i was looking for this.   
Sillywabbitz  I will check on oven thermometer.  
Thanks Remnan333, i sure did not know that.   
The problem is every time I bake a cake the sides of the cake always shrinks away from the sides. Leaving me with a smaller cake than I was supposed to have. Example: if I try to bake a cake two inches high i always end up having a cake that is 1 and a half inches tall so I have to make another cake to make up for what is missing   I use the parchment paper to cover my cake tin and I put more batter to make it taller but that does not solve the problem. That didnt...
I have seen this technique in a book by Zoe Clark. " The cake parlour Sweet tables"
some yummy.
What AngieV256 said is the way to go when making tall cake. If you are subscribe to they have a great tutorial about tall cakegood luck
I am having the same problem, I do not know what to do Could it be the type of fondant brand??? please someone help.
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