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Thanks for all your suggestions!! I went and picked up a brace. It helped. I ended up painting on the details with gel paste. I had the best results with that. The cookie is in my gallery if you want to take a look. As for my DH massaging my hand... I got a big NO.
happy holidays everyone! I am in need of some tips. How do you add fine details without killing your hands? I'm adding small details to these curious george cookies that I'm working on, 210 to be exact, and using a #0 tip with 20 sec RI. I finished 50 so far and my hand is in PAIN! Some of my george looks like has a black eye because I had to thin out the RI a bit in the end. Getting so frustrated! Any suggestions would be appreciated. My hand can't take any more. Thanks!
I found this site. I made one recently and it was pretty simple. Cost me abbot $35 in supplies. Here is the site.
what is a good repair kit for a tiered fondant cake? It's already assembled, but are there must haves? Thanks!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The cakes looks fine. Hopefully it all comes together in th end.
OMG! Now I noticed cracks in all the tiers!!! Help! Does this mean my tiers are falling apart? I used WASC variations. Bottom is chocolate 11", middle is vanilla 9", top is strawberry 7". I used crusting BC as filling. Anyone?? Any suggestions??? Please??
hi! I'm making my first topsy turvy cake and I am planing on covering it with ganache and fondant. Its going to be three tiers. I did the ganache last night to let it sit over night. When I woke up with morning there was a big crack in the ganache in the middle tier! is that something to worry about or should I just patch it up and continue. I don't really have the time and ingredients to do that tier over again, but I want to make sure it arrives in one piece. Please...
It can be left out for two or three days. Any leftover cake, I would refrigerate.
You don't want it super thin where it will spread every where. You want it to be able flow through the tip but thick enough to stay put. Does that make sense? Always test on a piece of wax paper. If it's too runny let it cool down. If it's too thick, zap it in the microwave for a few sec. HTH!
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