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I used the Crisco and it worked. Thanks a Million! Cc and YouTube are my life savers
Not confusing at all. I am having a bad cake pop day. Usually I don't have problems with the chocolate not being smooth but today is one of those days. Any suggestions for getting the chocolate smooth? The balls are still falling off the stick. I think the chocolate is too thick. I had to walk away from it for a moment because I had 90 cake pops and have already messed up 4 and I need 80. Please help with any suggestions.
Sometimes I have issues when I am dipping the cake pops in the chocolate where they fall off the stick while dipping. What can I do to ensure that this will not happen? I do dip the stick in chocolate and then insert it into the cake pop and then put them in the fridge. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
Thanks for replying. I just want more than one opinion. Thank you ladies. Let get started. Lol have a great baking Wednesday.
Thanks for replying, do others agree that it's ok?
My sorority sister is picking up cake pops on Friday for an event Saturday.I would like to start dipping them tomorrow because I have 80 to do will they be ok for Saturday? Should I put them in the fridge?is tomorrow to early to start them?
I ordered in April, but I still haven't received my mats. Then they sent an email at the beginning of the month when the mats were supposed to be shipped in June. Am I wrong for feeling like they are supposed to keep me updated since they already have my money?
I totally agree with most views. Get your degree, it's always great to have a back up plan. I have 3 degrees and I am really thinking of opening up a store where I can make cakes and do make up ( I am a licensed make up artist too). More is more and in this world.
Maybe the top was too heavy. I had a 6 inch ball.
I saw this but it didn't work for me, that's why I am looking for other ideas?
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