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FromScratch thats exactly what I was thinking! MimiFix yep naked as a Jay Bird I really couldn't bring myself to charge the same price as a baked, torted, iced and covered in fondant kind of cake...I personally would feel like I was ripping them off
I've been asked to make a 3 tiered wedding cake out of rice krispies. It will be a "naked cake" with a ribbon around each tier and decorated with fresh gerber daisies. What would you suggest charging as I haven't a clue? Thanks
Thanks for your suggestions everyone, I did add a little crisco to the chocolate. I'm using real chocolate that I've melted in the micro wave, I did chill it before popping the balloon. I will try one & leave it overnight to see what happens!
Sorry going to bump this
I'm trying to make a Christmas ball that will sit on top of a cupcake out of chocolate. Here's my problem I don't have a round hollow mould so I tried blowing up a water balloon & lightly coated it with vegtable oil then dipped the balloon in the melted chocolate & let it set. Next I popped the balloon but couldn't peel the balloon out of the chocolate the balloon was stuck to the chocolate other wise it worked for the shape I needed. Can someone make a suggestion that...
Thanks for your suggestions!
How on earth do I get the perfectly looking half round top for a christmas ball cupcake made out of either fondant or gumpaste?
I was just going to post a similar question but wanted to know how to place anemones on a fondant cake that don't have any wires attatched to them.
Cheap rent ! Go for it!
In the recently added pictures there is a picture another member posted asking someone how to do the swirl that is on top of the cupcakes. The cupcakes were the second picture from the left, they had green, yellow and ivory buttercream. I would also like to know how to do this technique.
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