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Many of you know California recently passed a Cottage Food Law, which is great, but so far many counties are saying that they will not allow ganache. The law specifically prohibits cream. They have not given any indication that we can have our recipes tested to prove their non-perishable status. I know other states have allowed ganache. Does anyone have ideas about how to get the state to allow ganache? This whole thing seems so ridiculous to me.
Ok, thanks! I will try it out.
This is the one I got from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Are yours similar? The edges are ever so slightly rounded, and I'm afraid it will leave the bottom edge of the cake uneven with the rest of the cake. Have you had that problem?
I want to buy a pastry scraper for smoothing my buttercream. I need one with a perfect 90 degree angle (no rounded corners), and the handle flush with the blade. Anyone know where I can find one like this? I looked at Bed, Bath, and Beyond but the ones they have either have rounded corners or a bulky handle. I looked on amazon, but with the same results. Anyone have one they like? Where did you buy it?
I disagree! I like the zombie cakes, but I do not look at the "naughty" cakes (I have it banned). Alternatively, why not create a section just for the gory/zombie cakes?
The Governor just signed the bill! California has a Cottage Food Law!
I tried clicking on the pin, and it said it led to spam. I'm wondering if it's not really cake at all. I mean, it could be dummies, or cardboard decorated like cake.
You learn something new every day! So a 4 pound cake is a cake with 4 pounds of butter in it? That's a lot of butter! Much bigger cake than I was thinking.
That seems odd to have a request for cake by the pound. Are you sure she wasn't asking for pound cake? As in 4 separate pound cakes? I wouldn't mess with trying to figure out how much the cake weighs. Sounds like a big headache to me. If she really wants a "4 pound" cake, which incidentally, does not seem very big, maybe you could just push her toward picking a serving amount instead.
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