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I made this cake for my 40Th Birthday 3 yrs ago. I was still pretty new my Icing was really sweet other than that it turned out pretty good. I do plan to make me another cake for myself but it will probably be a small 6" cake.
WOW HowSweet   You couldn't have said that any better, you made me rethink some things as far as cost. I've always said "well I'm not a professional baker" so I never charged alot but my prices will definitely go up now.  A lady approached me about making a Sweet 16 three tiered topsy turvy cake for Feb. and I was struggling with the price. I tried downloading the openoffice software but once it downloaded I couldn't pull it up. maybe I'll try Cake Boss.
Thanks so much KoryAK I'll take a look at the site right now.
Could someone tell me what would be the a good printer for displaying photos on cakes?
She wouldn't go to Giant Eagle and try to bargain. when I started baking and selling I would just tell them pay when I deliver the cake. The last cake I made I got paid a week later. Now I ask for half up front and I don't deliver anymore. We may not be professionals but our time is money too. And she never would have gotten a deal like that at any Bakery. not even walmart. LOL
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