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I Work fulltime and have 3 kids ages 3,7 and 12. I have it down to a science now I bake in the early mornings before I go to work the first day; then I fill and frost and decorate the second -all in the early morning hours before the kids get up. My two little ones were the most demanding and my daughter is the hanger-on. It gets better as they are being older.... Now when I'm working on fondant or gumpaste figures my 3 year old will come over to me ask me how I'm doing...
You could put the skull on top of a sheet cake with orange buttercream and maybe spider webs in all the corners With black spiders. Or if it's the centerpiece just have the sheet off to the side
How about just making a colorful cake? Like zebra and or cheetah with bright purple, pinks? Kids love bright colors
Beer pong at a baby shower??? Lol! I have a feeling it wasnt your filling....
Really you never sift?? I'm amazed...I always do and always get hard pieces in the bottom of the sifter. I think its the humidity.
I am so glad I vented - thanks guys!! I made a mental note to prepare ahead of time and if theres a possibility or hint that theres overtime at work..I make the time to get everything done - so far so good.
I have made a passion fruit mousse using a passion fruit syrup found at a local Oriental market.
sometimes if the board the cake is on is not strong enough to support the weight of the cake, when you pick it up it causes the cake to flex and can cause cracks. Happens alot with sheetcakes.
I had to share this experience from last night:My sisters birthday dinner was yesterday and my niece invited me and the kids over. I told her I would make and bring the birthday cake. So before I went to work, I baked 2 9 inch layers and made some lemon curd to assemble when I got home from work. Well, the dinner was for 6:30pm and I got out waaay late - I got home from work at 6:15pm and realized I still hadn't made any BC yet. Good thing I had Pastry Pride already...
Too late to make changes. People never realize that custom cakes are not made overnight. Don't stress -- hopefully she's paid in full and you can make the cake the way you designed it PER THE CONTRACT.If she's not willing to front major $$ for the changes, then everything stays as-is. (It really bugs me when people take advantage -or try to- of my fellow cakers)
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