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I had a customer with a similar complaint. She claimed the cake did not taste good because it was not fresh and was not made of quality ingredients, something I state in my flyer. I replied that I was sorry to hear she did not like the taste an added my baking schedule an a list of ingredients I used for her cake to prove her claim was not true. i asked if there was some cake left for me to identify the problem. she did not reply. I also leveled that cake and had these...
I had an unhappy customer a few weeks ago. I made a cake for her niece with a Hip Hop dancing girl and a graffiti design around. She aske for a regular chocolate birthday cake with chocolate cream. I baked the cake 2 days in advance and refrigerated it as usual for 24 hours. I also made fresh Italian merengue buttercream with good 70% chocolate. I cut off the dome to get a flat surface. Mij husband and I had the 'dome' with our coffee that day and to us it tasted really...
Oh, I just finished a dummy 3-tier wedding cake. I guess I won't mention it unless asked.
Thanks for the great tip inserting the part of the wire that goes into the cake in plastic drinking straws!
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