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I have received several people wanting me to do a large order and have it privately shipped and pay by credit card.  I was wary of the 1st one and called to verify the cards and found them stolen, ended up with a federal agent calling me and ending up making an arrest.    Now I have another one contacting me... deaf needs a large order paid by credit card and privately shipped... Have any of you ever dealt with this and what did you do?
I use a basic Pam spray with flour and have never had a problem. For gluten free I just use oil spray.
I do do quite a few short notice orders. Nothing less than 24 hours! Though I did do one small wedding cake with only 14 hrs notice. That turned out wonderful and was a huge surprise for the bride! Picture of it is in my gallery.I like the idea of sending them a PDF for them to sign. I actually have a wedding cake that was ordered over the phone and they mailed me a deposit for it. I was getting ready to mail them a copy of the order but this sounds faster. Their loss...
I had a guy contact me by email needing a birthday cake for his girlfriend's birthday on Sunday... No big deal it's just a simple sheet cake. So I call him to finalize the order and we have it set for him to pick up on Sunday between 5 and 6pm. He shows up on Saturday at 5 wanting to pick up the cake(which happens to just com out of the oven) I tell him the order and email says the 25th. He says "No for today, her birthday is tomorrow". So I ask him to come back in 1...
You all seem to have the same thought as me. I had thought of refunding the cost of the wedding cake but not the grooms cake or mileage to deliver it. I agree with giving them the sheet cakes free as a replacement.Thank you for your advice!Crystal
I had the notches in the boards, they were still attached to the SPS with a bit of icing.... the cake slid off the board!
I had a wedding this weekend and did a beautiful 4 tier hexagon cake. I took a picture of the cake and messaged it to my bride before I left to deliver it. I use the sps for all of my tiered cakes. It was a 1 hr drive to get to my delivery, all was fine until 5 miles away.... I had someone pull out in front of me and had to slam on the brakes so I wouldn't hit him.....and... the cake fell. The whole top tier was smashed against the back of my seat on it's way down, the...
I am wanting to make a filling using sangria. I friend of mine makes his own sangria and I am g to surprise him. I was thinking of fresh fruit soaked in sangria.
Raspberry swirl is my customers favorite cake.I make a basic white cake and reserve 1 cup of batter then I mix in 2tsp raspberry jello dry and 2 heaping tbls of raspberries and juice from frozen raspberries then I blend that and marble it into the white cake.For fillings I like lemon cream, white chocolate or cheesecake with some raspberries sprinkled on top of the filling.
What little boy doesn't like making mud pies.... You could make up a pie tin using a chocolate cookie crust and filling it with the dirt cake idea that was previously posted and make him his own mini dirt pie/smash cake.One year I made my mom a dirt cake in a new flower pot and put silk flowers in it... She thought it was actually potting soil and flowers and at first refused to take a bit of the "dirt".
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