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Good to know. I found putting in the fridge for a couple days to thaw works well!
I have actually frozen cakes covered in fondant and they come out as perfect and fresh as when they were originally done. My only hitch was that the cake went to a very hot, humid place and it sweated. I have driven with cakes 3-4 hours, although the heat was kept off in the vehicle. I boxed it up and put it in a cooler.
Does anyone know where I might find huckleberry filling? I looked online and found it very expensive. Does anyone find it at a local grocery or specialty store?Thanks
Does anyone have advice on what to use for silver painting? I can't find anything really edible at the craft store. Do you just use the luster dust? On TV they always seem to have some sort of liquid paint. Any information would be much appreciated!Karen
You are awesome!! Thanks so much!
Okay, I just did Google those and which one do you prefer using because I found them both on the same site. The PME are less expensive, but I've seen the Jem one used on Youtube.Thanks!
Thanks so much ladies!! I feel better now. I do have the tool set with the ball tool, the plastic one, and I love using those with the fondant. And, yes, I was using the sticks that came with the set -LOL. I definitely will get the rose cutter, but am unable to find it in the local store of course. What is Jem and PME - brand names of the cutter? Maybe Google will answer that question if I try it. Thanks again for the answers!!Karen
Hi, I'm new to gumpaste. I tried it this weekend and was very frustrated. What are the secrets to using gumpaste? I love working with fondant - so much easier to me. Anyway, my problems with gumpaste 1) it seems sticky, 2) It dries VERY fast, 3) it would not thin out for me using the tools, maybe due to #2. Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated!! I have the tool set and the cutouts and booklet from Wilton. I have also watched rose making on youtube, but the...
I found this website that might help you determine what size cake you will need for 130 people. Hope it helps!
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