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I'm not sure what happened, but maybe try adding in some white-white when you're melting the marshmallows.
Success! Now to tort the dern thing!
If only I'd read the advice about parchment paper before baking the cake! I'm just about to go turn it out onto the cooling rack now... wish me luck!!
I've never baked anything larger than a 9x13 so I'm a little nervous about mucking this up! A few very dumb, newbie questions:-how many cups of batter do I need for an 11x15x2 pan?-do I have to buy a heating core or can I use two flower nails in the centre?-is 350* okay, or should I bake at 325*?-should I use bake even strips along with the two flower nails?Thanks!!
Care to share that link?
I know, seems like an oxymoron right? My dad had a heart attack about 3-4 weeks ago and is now on a no-sodium, non-fat diet. He can still have very small amounts of actual yummy treats every now and then, so I'd like to make him a black forest cake (for his birthday) that won't give him another jammer I'm thinking of using fresh cherries instead of the canned, sugary, gooey ones... and then I'm stuck. Not sure what do do with the cake part, or a replacement for whipped...
Good for you! It's great when things come out they way we want them to.
I'd pull the fondant off, put the cake on a circle and then recover the cake.
I bake out of home and live in a small town, so I had a higher number in my head before I even read that you quoted $75. I would say that if you're happy to do the cake for $75 (as a home baker, I would guess?), then stick to that number. They're not going to find a cake anywhere else for the price you're quoting them and if they don't want to pay the nominal fee you're charging, they can hit the road!
Are these recipes to extend a boxed cake mix?
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