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I've been searching around, looking at pics of ping pong cakes and noticed that the best nets are made from RI. A few questions:-to make it look most like a net, should I use tip #1 to pipe the RI? Can I thin the consistancy enough to pipe with such a small tip and still have it stay together without breakage once dry? If not, what tip do you suggest?-how do you attach the actual net to the poles on either side of it? I was thinking of using lolly pop sticks. Do I just...
Thanks for your reply I think it must be the sheet pan I'm using. It takes *forever* to bake them! I just did the next batch on a pan that has sides all the way around and the cookies baked much closer to the target time of 8-10mins set out in the recipe.Weird.
I'm baking on ungreased sheets at 350* and the cookies, so far, have taken about 20 minutes to just become brown on the bottom. Am I doing something wrong here? Should I turn the oven up a bit? I live at sea-level if that makes any difference.TIA!
I'm trying to break down the costs I have to make cakes, cookies and cupcakes. This is probably a less-than-intellegent question, but when figuring out your own costs, did you just figure out how many portions (say, cups of flour in a 11lb bag) you could get out of each unit of ingredients and then add each portion cost together? Next, many things are sold by weight but called for by cup/tsp in a recipe. How do you adjust for that? For example, my bag of flour is 5Kg...
Anyone? Can I swap sour cream in for something? Add oil? What would help?
I've used this Strawberry Cake recipe and found it a little dense and crumbly. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could make it have a lighter, more moist texture, kind of like a WASC? Thanks!
Okay, so one "yes" and one "no". Who wants to be the tie breaker?
If I use salted butter (calls for unsalted), should I omit the 1tsp. salt that the recipe calls for?Thanks!
Hmmm... I may have, but I don't think so. I've only started using the white white in the last couple cakes I've made, and I think I'd frozen this stuff before that. I did colour it this afternoon and it's now at least 4 hours later and it doesn't look darker yet. I'm afraid to just use it and hope it darkens... Think that's just my best bet? I don't have time to make more.
I had some left over red and orange BC that I'd put in the freezer and defrosted and added some fresh white BC so I could add more red-red to darken it for a cake I'm doing tonight. I've added more than enough Wilton Red-Red and No-Taste Red to deepen the colour, but it's still this light, coral-type colour.What the heck am I doing wrong (besides using Wilton instead of Americolor ) and how do I fix it?
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