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Thank you for your replies yes it was Betty Crocker and I also explained that it won't be a good option, I will wait and see.. Thank you...
I have a client who would like me to use Betty Crocker Vanilla for the filling between layers and then I would Ganache & Fondant just wondering if anyone has tried this thank you guys
Just wondering if you were to keep it out for a week do you have a problem covering with Fondant. Also can you refrigerate and then cover??? Sorry trying to work out a few ideas any help would be great..Thx
Hi Cakers, Just wondering if anyone has tried to refrigerate a cake covered in Satin Ice and if it has worked.. The reason I ask is that I have a few continental cakes with a cream based filling that need to be refrigerated and would love to know if any cakers have tried as I am aware that their website states yes however I prefer to ask the people making the cakes.Thank you guys..Tania
Hello all cakers, just wondering if anyone has refrigerated their cakes once covered in Satin Ice. I would like to make buttercream / custard fillings which need to be refrigerated once covered...If anyone has please let me know your outcome they seem to do it all the time on cake boss so just need reassurance from everyday cake decorators...Thank you
Sorry I ment to added that I love all the cream / filling recipes on here and obviously they work beautifully and was just thinking of how they go under fondant and I always use ganache.Thank you
Just a quick question I usually use Ganache under my Fondant and was wanting to try buttercream - do you believe that is more stable if I refrigerate prior to applying the fondant or room temperature. Thank you
Thank you for your replies - I appreciate your help.. and will try both..
Help I have a client who would like a full 3 Tier Buttercream Cake with Fondant decorations, as I have only done 3 Tier Fondant Cakes I was wondering whether there was something different with placing the decoration on the Buttercream - Do I wait to dry (crusted) or pace straight away. Sorry I know it sounds silly just worried on how to decorate any comments would be helpful...
I was thinking the same doing it all at once, I couldn't get the pictures to post. Thank you for your reply.
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