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I use Satin Ice readymade fondant, roll it out not too thin, then let it sit for a few minutes so that the side that will go into the letter cutter is somewhat dried. If it the letter doesn't snap right out of the cutter, I gently/carefully use a toothpick or the pick from my fondant tools set and work it out. Sometimes you have to reshape it a little. Then I let all the letters harden before putting on the cake.
I noticed a difference when I switched from sweet cream butter to the lightly salted kind.
Try this:
For those of you who, like me, went to the grocery stores and found the cake mix shelves empty, try a Hispanic supermarket like Fiesta or Michoacana. I found the 18.25 oz boxes and they were at the old prices, too (around 1.25)! I now have a kitchen table completely covered in boxes of cake mixes.
Ditto Satin Ice! I've tried Wilton and Duff's brand and like Satin Ice the best.
I've made cakes for friends that I put on giftwrap/cello covered boards and when I get the boards back (my friends are into recycling), there are no cuts in the cello. I use only food-safe cello, and no cardboard under the cake. Makes it really easy to clean up icing crumbs, etc.
Do what poohsmama suggested. I do that all the time, because I bake ahead. The cakes come out with nice, moist edges, so there's less wasted cake.
I've seen them in big sheets at my local Walmart Neighborhood Market. I too prefer using ready-made over homemade.
The Mat and Satin Ice! Works every time. I can't count how many times I've watched the videos on youtube, especially the one about covering a square cake.
I've done it just as the instructions suggest. Use cotton string, the more the better, and maybe some of those binder clips. It worked for me. Here's the link to one I did:
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