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Can anyone tell me if you can freeze a cake with edible images on it?
I am shopping for one & I was wondering if anyone would weigh in on their brand preference? Or a good company to purchase one from? If that question is allowed on the forums? TIA!
Perfect Jason. That was the exactly explanation I was looking for. I did not feel comfortable just slapping 'nut-free' on my cake since I do have recipes that have nuts as well. I, of course, make sure everything is cleaned after every use but there is still that fear in the back of my head... I will be sure to let people know that I use shared equipment. Thanks for your input.
I really like the cornucopia idea! But more piping is out of the question because I airbrushed it. Sooo... I would have to repipe the entire thing. And I wouldn't have time to do that & fill the cornucopia both. But the flower pot idea might work. I am just so afraid this cake is going to collapse when I flip it over!
My friends birthday is today & I worked all night on her cake only to find it in a mess this morning. Three layers of chocolate cake that I tapered from an 8 down to a 6 & basket weaved the entire thing & filled it with fondant flowers. Woke up to see that 1/4 of the cake feel completely off. The cake is soft, too soft to have carved in hind site. So I cut the part off that had slid. Now I am left with 3/4 of a round cake. I was thinking of laying it, cut side down &...
Oh, I would have to put them IN the cake! LOL! I would hollow out little spots in the cake, after it was baked of course, & slip white chocolate zombies in there & then plug the holes back with cake. Then I would get the giggles as soon as the reception started & would probably have to leave to keep from spoiling the surprise. LOL! Good luck & be sure to let us know how it goes.
How do you determine if your products are allergy free? I am not uneducated in the process but I am just trying to get some tips on how each of you determine allergy-free. Some people advertise their products are made using the same equipment used to process nuts? TIA!
Your very welcome! Regardless of what you decide, be sure to let me know when you post your pic.
I haven't actually seen them as small as the flowers I used. But I would think you could make them as small as you want. I probably would only use two instead of the three layers on the flower though. To get them in tight, three might close in completely.
First off, thanks! That's my cake. Lol And I don't think it will clash as long as you watch the proportions. I wouldn't thake that 1/2 ball & put it on the top of that big bow but if you down sized the fantasy flower some it would still be the main focal point & the top would be an accent. I think it will go.
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