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It may be posted already but check out SugarBloom.They have a great tall cupcake tutorial.
Very well said, debi!I have to say I was shocked when I saw the price you were thinking about charging. $50?? Seriously?? i am not trying to be rude but that is a STEAL for that cake! They could not get that ANYWHERE for $50! Even a grocery store. I like the idea of letting the customer know about serving size and total cake servings and prices with that. I would not charge less than $100 for the cake. Yes, it does depend on where you are but you can't do this for free,...
You can buy dairy free butter, the best brand is earth balance if you happen to have a recipe that includes butter.
What kind of frosting are you using for the dam? Is it store bought or home-made? That can make a difference, too. If the icing isn't firm enough to act like a damn, your filling will ooze through and you'll have the same issue.
The RKT is a great idea! Especially if the extra cake isn't needed. Definitely don't give up! Just step away for a few minutes and then get right back into it. You'll be so glad you did. I would email the customer if you need a bit more time, or to let her know (just a tad) of what's happening and changes to the design but otherwise, carry on!
Always torte, that's my vote.4 layers cake, 3 layers of filling.If you practice, practice, practice, you'll get the hang of layering your cakes in no time.
Yep, me too, Gravity!!I supply dessert cakes to customers, too. They can order anything. I supply my hubby's Masonic lodge with all their cakes for degrees and occasions. Those are just regular desert cakes but I do try to put something special on them for them.I also have a customer who regularly buys carrot cakes for his girlfriend so i always throw something on it be it a flower or butterflies. I charge 40 to 50 dollars for them though.I also make other desserts,...
Thank you ladies, I feel better now. I really needed some second and third opinions. I hope UPS is right and they arrive tomorrow.
So I shipped 30 cookies to southern CA in tuesday. They should have arrived today as I sent them 2nd day air but UPS misdirected the package and sent it back over to my neck of the woods! So, I have been back and forth with them. They say no damage to the box and will be there tomorrow. Apparently the package hasn't even been on a truck yet! Only to hubs... boo!So, being that it has seen minimal heat I should be ok, right? Cookies had fondant on day 1, RI detail on day 2...
I just did some cookies for a bridal shower and let my family have the extras. I put them in a ziploc bag and even stacked them on top of each other (they has fondant and RI) and no issues! No sticking, no sweating.I think pp is right about moisture issues being completely different with cookies to cake. Plus, the fondant dries pretty hard. I even steamed my cookies and they dried nice and firm.
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