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I would love to get a copy of the directions for your elephant cake. I have one coming up in a couple of weeks. Thanks in advance. TinabTaylor
Hi everyone, Thanks eveRyone for all the inspiration- Amazing work on here. I am looking for a way to make the ropes for a wresting ring cake. Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated. I have a tendency to over think a problem and make it harder so thought I would ask first. Thanks again. Tina
Thanks - I think I am going to make the body of the doll cake with it sitting. I was afraid of the weight of t he head and arms but I think I have it figured out- hopefully. Lol thanks for the advice. When it comes together I hope to post it. thanks again! Tina
I'm sorry I wasn't clear. The cake is the body of the doll. I am making the arms & head from gum paste/fondant and have to have the structure to make them stable. I will be fixing the clothes from fondant as well. It's the first time I have tried something like this. I have it in my mind just not positive how to make. Thanks for the advice
Hi everyone, I need some help with the internal structure for a doll cake. The cake is suppose to look like a porcelain doll. I have molds for the head and arms but am having some trouble figuring the best way to support them. I know I need an internal support but not sur how. All help greatly appreciated. Thanks Tina
Hi, I am looking for a light tasting buttercream for a wedding cake. It needs to crust where I can get it nice and smooth. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks Tina
I once had the moher of the groom, who came with the bride to order the cake, call the morning of the wedding to ask....Have you started the wedding cake yet?
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